Prevent Frozen Pipes – Tips from Pittsburgh Plumbing Experts

Prevent Frozen Pipes – Tips from Pittsburgh Plumbing Experts

Protect Your Pipes to Prevent Costly Damage

Protecting your pipes is an essential part of winterizing your home, and ruptured pipes can result in extensive damage to your home and its contents. Take action now with these tips for preventing frozen pipes and water lines from local Pittsburgh plumbing professionals.

Locating & Insulating Water Lines and Pipes

Look carefully indoors and out for any exposed pipes, which are far more susceptible to freezing. You'll find them located in basements, underneath the home, on exterior walls, and within the attic. Take the time to insulate these with foam sleeves or insulation wrap and tape them up for an extra layer of warming insulation and security. If you're not sure where the lines are, or how to wrap them, call a Pittsburgh plumbing contractor for complete peace of mind.

Take Care of Any "Connections"

If you have external hoses or sprinklers attached to an exterior water supply line, you'll want to go ahead and disconnect those lines and store them for the winter. Take time to drain these implements prior to storing, and drain the line itself by opening the spigot while the water supply is turned off. If you have an indoor valve that can shut off access to separate exterior water outlets, doing so can help prevent freezing pipes. If you're unfamiliar with water shut off valves, your Pittsburg plumbing technician can help.

Seal Any Gaps

Keep the cold air where it belongs - outside - by sealing up any gaps in your home. These occur as homes settle, so checking each year for unsealed areas is advisable. Most gaps occur around windows and door frames, and these small gaps likely increase your energy bill in addition to increasing your chances of freezing pipes.

Just in Case Calling a Pittsburgh Plumbing Experts is Necessary…

Hopefully, these tips help you prevent pipes from freezing, but if you're looking for 24/7 Pittsburgh plumbing services, you won't find more professional or reliable technicians than those at Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Contact us for a free plumbing or HVAC estimate today!