The Vast Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Installation in Pittsburgh

The Vast Benefits of Tankless Water Heater Installation in Pittsburgh

Traditional styles of tanked water heaters can account for up to 40% of your annual utility bill, especially during chilly seasons. Although tankless water heater installation typically costs twice as much as tanked options, the savings you reap through energy savings will quickly recoup the difference. Also, ask your Pittsburgh plumbing expert about saving money with federal tax rebates that are available through 2016 for homeowners who make the switch to tankless.

How Tankless Water Heaters Work

In short, there is no "stored" water with a tankless option. When hot water taps are turned on, water enters the heater and ignites a burner/heat exchanger that immediately heats the water to temperature. The unit shuts down automatically when the tap is deactivated. You'll certainly want to find an experienced Pittsburgh plumbing technician to handle the installation.

The Benefits of Tankless Water Heaters

No More Cold Showers - The average 50-gallon water tank requires several hours to recover hot water while a tankless model offers an endless supply of hot water instantly. No more hot water wars in busy households!

Significant Savings - Stop wasting money storing hot water that just sits in the tank by investing in a tankless model. It's also cheaper to operate due to its simplicity, so you're saving even while you're using it.

Longer Lifespan - While a traditional unit often kicks out or begins requiring extensive repairs from Pittsburgh plumbing experts after less than a decade of use tankless heaters can offer twice the longevity of a tanked water heater. You'll also enjoy a longer warranty with a tankless water heater, which indicates their reliability.

Less Waste/ Less Space - Not only do tankless heaters take up far less space around the house, they take up less space after they become waste. Primarily made of wholly recyclable materials, tankless heaters are an eco-friendly option all around.

Cleaner Water - If you've seen the debris that comes out of your tank during annual draining for preventive maintenance, you understand how contaminated hot water gets as it sits in the tank. Tankless ensures that every drop of water is fresh, so it's better for your skin and hot water using appliances that are sensitive to rust and calcium deposits.

Rely on Pittsburgh Plumbing Professionals for Your Tankless Heater Installation

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