Get your faucet installed by a professional Pittsburgh, PA Plumber

Get your faucet installed by a professional Pittsburgh, PA Plumber

Kitchen faucet repair scenarios that happen in real life are never as funny as they appear in the movies. As water spews like a geyser from the faucet, Mom or Dad tries stopping it with an object not meant for leaks — such as a drinking cup or a hand towel — while kids screech and squeal with delight at the wet mess everywhere.

All you have to do is imagine yourself attempting a single handle kitchen faucet repair job on your own. You know the outcome will be like a movie all right — Waterworld – and nowhere near as hilarious as what’s portrayed in comedic films.

Have trouble following kitchen faucet repair instructions? Can’t decipher that Moen kitchen faucet repair diagram? No worries! If the ability to repair Moen kitchen faucet parts is not your forte, then you should call Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning to take care of that kitchen faucet repair kit for you. A professional Pittsburgh plumber at Stahl can complete a Moen single handle kitchen faucet repair in no time.

In fact, Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning handles a variety of brand-specific services such as:

  • Moen kitchen faucet repair
  • Delta kitchen faucet repair
  • Price Pfister kitchen faucet repair
  • Kohler kitchen faucet repair
  • American Standard kitchen faucet repair

How can you determine if your kitchen faucet even needs to be repaired or replaced by a Pittsburgh plumber at Stahl? Be on the lookout for these five common problems that faucets experience, and their causes:

  • The main water flow emits a misty spray. If water does not flow freely from the faucet, the aerator may not be screwed on tightly. Mineral deposits and other debris may have clogged the aerator and it needs to be cleaned.
  • There is a leak at the kitchen faucet handle. The packing nut at the faucet handle needs to be tightened to cut off a leak. If that does not stop the leak, then the faucet handle’s cartridge or O rings are due for a replacement.
  • The sprayer’s water pressure is low. A veggie sprayer that dribbles water when you press the handle indicates that its aerator may need a cleaning. Another clogging cause could be in the sprayer diverter. If cleaning out that doesn’t remedy the situation, the diverter will have to be replaced altogether.
  • The sprayer leaks water between the head and hose. The threaded connection may not be properly installed or the head is not screwed on tight enough. Cracks in the hose can also be a factor. Replacing the head or hose may be in order.
  • The kitchen faucet drips for a few minutes after each use. A drippy faucet for a short period is actually normal — that is just unused water that is clearing out from the lines.

The experts at Stahl Plumbing , Heating and Air Conditioning in Pittsburgh can repair kitchen faucet issues in a snap. Our certified master plumbers aim to remedy all kitchen faucet dilemmas that occur in the home or at the workplace. Contact us at 412-273-1000412-273-1000 to hire a professional plumber in the Pittsburgh area to help you complete your latest kitchen faucet installation project today.