Dripping Bathroom Faucets

Dripping Bathroom Faucets

No matter what brand or style of faucets you have in your bathroom, it is conceivable that the fixtures will one day develop problems. If the constant drip drip drip of your bathroom sink or tub faucet keeps you awake at night, it sounds like you may have a bathroom faucet repair in your future.

Until single handle bathroom faucet repair can be performed, a great way to diminish the dripping sounds is to tie a long piece of string around the tip of the faucet. The water will travel down the string, silently.

If you’re not familiar with how to fully repair bathroom faucet problems, or if you find that decoding directions on, say, the Delta bathroom faucet repair instructions sheet is too time-consuming, then it’s time for a Pittsburgh plumber to come to your rescue.

Say goodbye to sleepless hours filled with the torturous sound of water droplets hitting the bathroom sink drain, and say hello to Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning in Pittsburgh. Our master Pittsburgh plumbers have the knowledge, skill and ability to assist homeowners with any type of bathroom sink faucet repair. We specialize in certain brands such as the following:

  • Delta bathroom faucet repair
  • Kohler bathroom faucet repair
  • Moen bathroom faucet repair

From Delta single handle bathroom faucet repair to Moen single handle bathroom faucet repair, you can guarantee that the fixtures will work properly and quietly if a certified plumber from Stahl Plumbing does the work for you.

We shouldn’t forget that bathroom faucets can have other problems in addition to leaking. A few noteworthy issues include:

  • Squeaky handles. Faucet handles start to squeak when the threads of the stem begin wearing out. Nothing a little plumber’s grease can’t fix.
  • A faucet that sputters instead of streams. Staccato bursts of water coming through the faucet suggests a clogged aerator. Mineral deposits build up and can completely block and crust over inside the aerator, requiring a replacement of the part.
  • The tub spout needs to be removed. Taking off a tub spout is a difficult feat – in fact, plumbers use a special tool called a “strap wrench” to make their way around stubborn, awkward bathtub faucets.
  • The bathtub starts to drain as soon as it’s filled. If you hear instant glug-glug-glugs after topping off your tub, it means the seal around the drain is not watertight. The stopper – the linkage assembly in particular — will have to be adjusted or replaced. A plumber can do this in a matter of minutes.
  • The water coming out of the faucet is too hot. A plumber can help you adjust the settings on your water heater so that the desired temperature is achieved. Lowering the temperature will not only be safer for sensitive hands, it will also be more energy-efficient for your home.

Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning can repair Moen bathroom faucet problems, all the way up to gas leaks. Full bathroom and kitchen remodels are also another feature on Stahl Plumbing’s long list of services provided to homeowners and commercial businesses. Contact us at 412-273-1000 to take advantage of our 24-hour plumbing services.