Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle During the Memorial Day Weekend

Home Improvement Tasks to Tackle During the Memorial Day Weekend

Memorial Day is a great time to celebrate summer. With the long weekend, you may want to complete some home improvement tasks. Now is the perfect time because it is not yet extremely hot and you have a few days to get the jobs done. Take advantage of the long weekend and spruce up your home. To help you get to a starting point, we have complied a list of tasks that can be done during Memorial Day Weekend.

1. Clean out your gutters. No one ever wants to do this, but not only will your home look better, you will also lessen your chances of your home becoming a breeding ground for mosquitoes. The rainy spring weather may have lodged leaves and debris into your gutters, which attracts mosquitoes. Clean out the leaves from fall and help control the mosquito population by cleaning out your gutters.

2. Check your air conditioner. Now is a good time to replace a filter. This should be done twice a year to help maintain your air conditioning unit and keep it running smoothly. This preventative measure will be something you are glad you did once it really starts to get hot outside.

3. Clean up your patio and grill. Barbecue season is here and now is the time to prepare for all of the cookouts you are going to have. Go ahead and tidy up your patio and clean up your grill. You will be happy you did when you pull out some steaks for the cookout later in the weekend.

4. Organize your closet. Since winter is behind us, you may want to rearrange your closets to feature your summer clothes. Place your winter clothes in the back since you will not be needing them for some time.

5. Clean your driveway and other outdoor areas. You may want to get a pressure washer for this. If you have not done this in a while, you will be amazed by how much better your home looks with a clean driveway. If you do decide to use a pressure washer, you might want to tackle the sides of your house as well.

6. Prepare your garden area. If you garden, make room for new flowers, plants, or even vegetables if space allows. If you do not garden, simply tidy up your other landscaping features such as bushes around your home. This is the finishing touch on any home and an unkempt landscape does not look good in the summer months.