How Routine Washer Maintenance Will Save You Time and Money

How Routine Washer Maintenance Will Save You Time and Money

If your washing machine breaks, the resulting problems can be quite serious! Not only will you wind up paying for a repair person to fix the machine (or even replacing it if the damage is severe,) but you may wind up with a big mess on your hands in the form of flooding. While there is always the chance for an unexpected breakage, performing routine maintenance on your washer can prevent many problems from occurring in the first place.

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Do This, Not That!

The best way to keep your machine in good condition is to take care of it on a day to day basis. Make sure you are using the right soap for your device (HD if required.) Also, consider putting through an empty load of hot water with vinegar or bleach now and then. This rinse will keep your machine clean and smelling fresh. Additionally, clean out the fabric softener dispenser to make sure no build-up can cause future problems.

Routine Maintenance

Every six months or so, it can help to give your machine a good once over. Here are three tasks you should make sure to complete.

• Inspect All Hoses - Check all the hoses for leaks or damage.
• Make Sure it is Level - A machine that isn't level is more prone to damage and breakage.
• Check out the Basin - Are there any flaws inside the basin? Check for coins that may have gotten stuck inside or major dings that could pose a problem.

Work With an Expert

From time to time, having some expert assistance is an exceptional idea. Call or contact us at Stahl Plumbing and let us check out your machine. We can assist you with maintenance tasks like balancing and making sure your system is correctly installed.
The key to keeping your washing machine in good shape is proper maintenance. While there are certain tasks you can do yourself, it is also important that you work with an expert that knows the machines and is willing to go the extra mile to keep your washer working correctly. If you are in or around the Pittsburgh area, we look forward to working with you at Stahl Plumbing.