The Myths of Drain Cleaning

The Myths of Drain Cleaning

Lots of misunderstandings exist about cleaning drains and when to call in residential plumbing services. You might even call these misunderstandings myths. Here are four of our favorite bad ideas.

You Can Pour All Liquids Down the Sinkmale cleaning out drains

Some liquids turn into solids. Fats, such as the drippings from poultry or bacon, are liquid when hot and congeal when cool. They cling to the walls of sewer pipes and gradually create blockages.

Garbage Disposals Will Chew It Up

Many of us have tested the limits of garbage disposals with stringy stuff — such as whole sticks of celery, piles of artichoke leaves and corn husks — that doesn't grind easily. There are lots of materials that should never go down a disposal.

Nevertheless, if you don't mind getting messy, you may be able to fix the jammed garbage disposal on your own. The first and most crucial thing to do is to unplug the unit. Then loosen the hex-head slot under the blades using the ell-shaped hex key that came with it or a generic Allen wrench. By slowly moving the blades back and forth, you can dislodge objects.

Sewer Back-Up Occurs Without Warning

Yes, toilets gurgle when sewer lines are clogged. Another sign of sewer backup is a sink or bathtub that drains more slowly than usual. If you pay attention, you may notice signs of trouble to come.

Clogs from materials that swell or aren't biodegradable can clump in sewer lines. This is especially true when tree roots invade sewer lines. Calling in a bathroom plumbing service to locate the clog is a good idea, because professional equipment includes sewer cameras. After identifying the location, the plumber can use a power augur to grind the obstruction.

Chemical Cleaners Are All You Need

Dumping chemical cleaner down a drain is a short-term solution that usually doesn't entirely remove a clog. These substances also may damage plumbing by corroding pipes and are bad for the environment.

When you discover that your garbage disposal isn't working and decide to contact a 24-hour plumbing service, please don't hesitate to give us a call or fill out our contact form for better assistance.