How to Detect and Prevent Pipe Sweating

How to Detect and Prevent Pipe Sweating

If your pipes are made from a conductive material, such as copper or iron, you may notice that during summer’s heat, you have condensation developing on your pipes. Commonly referred to as sweating, this phenomenon is caused by the moisture in the hot air condensing onto the colder pipes, because cold air is not able to hold as much moisture as the hot air. How do you detect this problem in your pipes and what can you do to prevent it? We’re glad you asked.

Detecting Sweating Pipes

Fix Sweating PipesHow do you know whether water damage or moisture is related to sweating pipes? If your home has high humidity, if you’re seeing a line of damage or moisture between fixtures or similar points that water pipes would be run, if you have damage between an area with climate control and an area that does not have it or if you see it on your pipes during hot days, you’re probably having a problem with sweating pipes. Pipe sweating will be worst on days that are hot and humid. If you’re getting more moisture on days when it’s rainy or cool, sweating pipes are probably not the problem.

Preventing Pipe Sweating

Once you’ve figured out that pipe sweating is the problem, how do you fix it? To DIY your solution, you’ll need pipe insulation, sealing tape, a utility knife and a measuring tape. Gain access to the area where the pipes are located and dry them thoroughly. Next, measure to determine how long a piece of insulation you’ll need for that run. Cut the pipe insulation to the proper length and separate it to fit it around the pipe. If you have elbows, tees or wyes in that run, you’ll need to do some additional cutting to make the insulation cover the entire joint. Once you have the pipe foam in place, seal the cuts where it was opened with sealing tape. That’s it!

Sweating pipes don’t mean the end of the world, just a few adjustments to make sure the problem is addressed. If you need help getting the job done or don’t have the time to get to it, you’ll want a professional Pittsburgh plumbing service to take care of it for you. At Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we’re Pittsburgh’s top choice for exceptional service and quality work.Contact us today to fix your plumbing and HVAC woes.