Repairing Your Home After a Water Leak

Repairing Your Home After a Water Leak

If there's one thing more frustrating than a water leak, it's fixing the damage after the leak has been repaired. How do you do the job right to ensure you don't end up with mold or mildew issues? Do you need a professional or can you do it yourself? Here are some answers to some of these tough questions and more.


Water Leak: Repairing Water Damage to Your Home

  • Shut off the electrical service in that area. Then you can safely unplug any electronics that may have gotten wet in the process. Set these aside to dry out as best as possible. If there is possible water damage to the outlets, switches or similar fixtures in the damaged area, leave the power off until you can be sure they are safe to use again.
  • Get rid of the water. Is there still water standing in the area of the repair? Move it out by pumping, bailing, using a wet vac plugged into an extension cord away from the water or soaking it up with a sponge or rag. A wet vac can also come in handy to remove water from carpet to a certain extent.
  • Dry it up. You'll need to extract as much remaining moisture as possible to reduce the risk of mold or mildew setting in. Use fans, dehumidifiers and open windows to remove as much moisture from the area. Don't forget to hook the dehumidifier up to a hose or regularly empty the tank to prevent it from stopping or overflowing.
  • Remove the damage. If drywall has become damp in the process, you'll most likely have to remove all the damaged areas and install new drywall. If you have baseboards that have become damp, you may be able to salvage them if they are from wood or PVC, but pressed wood baseboard will almost certainly need to be replaced.
  • Restrict mold growth. There are a number of mildicides on the market you can apply to the damage to prevent mold from setting in.

By keeping these simple tips in mind, you can ensure that your home will be in good repair in no time. If you need help with your Pittsburgh plumbing system or advice on the damage repair process, please feel free to contact us today. At Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning, we provide the highest in customer service and plumbing work.