How to Know if It's Time for a New Toilet

How to Know if It's Time for a New Toilet

Many people enjoy sprucing up their homes, and that certainly includes the bathroom. But what most people don't know is when exactly it's time for a new toilet. So how long do toilets last? Believe it or not, they can last 50 years! But that's only if they have been gently used and well taken care of — which means it's more like 20 years on average. Some people want to upgrade for looks, while others want to replace a toilet that is having issues. Regardless of your reasoning, here are some signs it might be time for a new porcelain throne:

How to Know if It's Time for a New Toilet

1. You've DIYed it a lot.

While toilets aren't overly complicated, they have quite a few moving parts. You've probably seen some of them if you've spent your weekends trying to fix your toilet. If you find yourself DIYing a fix every month or so, that's a good sign that a new toilet is in order.

2. You've spotted cracks.

Perhaps you've noticed a crack or two and thought it might be a good idea to replace the toilet tank, but you've reconsidered because, after all, it's not leaking. It's not a good idea to wait for something to go from bad to worse. If you do, you may end up with a disaster that will cost you more time and resources in the long run.

3. It's leaky.

Have you noticed any puddles on your floor? There could be a lot of causes for this issue, including hairline cracks, busted flanges, or worn-out seals. But if you've fixed these things several times and still have leak issues, it's time for an upgrade. You might have a hairline crack you can't even see. The last thing you want is consistent leaking to damage your floor so it's best to get a new toilet even if you can't pinpoint where the leak is.

4. It's wobbly.

A concert is supposed to rock; a toilet is not! If this is something you have fixed over and over, this could be a sign it's time to get a new commode. A wobbly toilet left unchecked can leak and cause even more significant problems (plus a wobbly toilet is no fun to sit on!).

5. You deal with too many clogs.

If you hold your breath and cross your fingers every time you flush, hoping everything goes down, that's a good sign it's time for a toilet replacement. You shouldn't have to have a plunger on standby every time you go.

Once you've made the decision to throw out your old toilet, it's time to pick your new one. You have several options, including bowl shape and height. Toilet bowls come in the usual rounded shape and in an elongated shape. The latter is thought to be more hygienic and more manageable for kids to use. The elongated bowl and seat also meet the ADA requirements. However, the elongated bowl isn't always the best option for a very small bathroom.

The height of a standard toilet is between 15 and 16 inches from floor to seat. This one is best for kids or shorter folks. There is another option commonly called "comfort height." This one is between 17 and 19 inches from floor to seat. The comfort height toilet is a better choice for people who are older and taller. It also meets ADA requirements.

What is the cost of a toilet replacement?

If you want to get fancy, you can spend thousands of dollars replacing your toilet. Something like a smart toilet or a composting toilet will cost a lot more than average. But most people don't feel the need to go that route. Whatever you choose, the average time it takes to install it is between two and four hours. When it comes to the cost of toilet installation, the national average is around $375. Unexpected problems can, of course, impact the price. The great thing about Stahl Plumbing is that we will come to you, assess your situation and give you a free estimate so you know the costs ahead of time.

If you're ready to stop plunging and cleaning up leaks, we can help. Perhaps nothing is wrong with the way your toilet operates, but you're just ready to get rid of that avocado green toilet or upgrade to something more efficient. Low-flush toilets save water, which is better for the environment and can reduce your water bill. Stahl Plumbing is ready to assist you regardless of your reason for upgrading to something new.