Last Minute Home Improvement Jobs Before The End Of Summer

Last Minute Home Improvement Jobs Before The End Of Summer

With summer wrapping up, you may find that you've crossed all of the big home improvements off of your to-do list, or you've at least decided you won't be getting to them this year. But, if you're looking to make good use of the last few summer weekends, there are several projects you could take on that will improve your home's comfort and make it energy-efficient.

Repair Leaky Hose Spigots

A leaky spigot may seem insignificant when you're constantly running your sprinklers or topping off your pool during the summer. In winter, it can turn from a mild inconvenience that wastes water and money into a safety issue. Instead of the water evaporating immediately, it can turn into a pool of ice on your driveway or near your side door. You also won't be able to test a winter repair if you've had to shut the water off for the season - so take care of the problem now.

Replace Your Weatherstripping

You would never leave a window or door open while running your air conditioner or furnace, but did you know that bad weatherstripping on your windows or doors can have the same effect? Weather stripping is designed to fill the gaps between your windows, doors and walls to keep outside air from getting in, and air conditioned air from getting out. Over time, it will wear out from the constant opening and closing of the windows or doors, and the seal won't be as tight. Check it annually by feeling for drafts on a windy day.

Install a New Air Conditioner

If you've decided your air conditioner has had it and were just hoping it would make it through the season, replace it when fall arrives. You may be able to find a clearance special on one of last year's models, and air conditioning installation companies won't be nearly as busy as they were during warm weather. If you were using an old, inefficient unit, the reduced cooling bills the next few summers could more than make up for the installation cost.

Now you have a list of some things that you can check on in your home. If you find that it is too much to tackle on your own, let the professionals at Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning help you finish the job.