At Home Checklist For A Safe AC Unit

When you're enjoying your air conditioning, the last thing on your mind may be safety. But from indoor air pollution issues to slip and fall injuries, there are some things you should remain aware of to check during the cooling season. Here's a list of items to check to keep your AC unit operating safely:

At Home Checklist for a Safe AC Unit

  • Is the drain line blocked? Your air conditioner needs to be able to drain to work properly, and a backed-up drain line can lead to water damage, mold and slip-and-fall accidents. If the water comes into contact with an electrical circuit, it can cause serious damage to your system and lead to electrocution if you're not aware of the problem.
  • Does the unit smell hot or seem to be working harder than in the past? You could be having a problem with the blower motor or other electronic components in the unit. If you see sparks or something seems wrong with the electrical portion of the unit, shut it off at the breaker and don't turn it on again until you have it checked out.
  • Are you noticing health concerns? If you're spending an excessive amount of time in an air conditioned environment without sufficient air circulation or humidity, you may notice health issues such as dry mucous membranes and skin, respiratory illnesses or bad allergies. You may also lose your ability to tolerate heat, making you more susceptible to heat-related illnesses.
  • Has your system been inspected this year? Having your system inspected and regular maintenance performed is one of the best ways to avoid having problems with your AC unit. An inspection can tell you where there are potential problems with your system, if a component needs to be repaired or replaced and whether there is a risk to safety or the long-term operation of the unit.

Now that you know what to check for, it's important that you not put it off. Go through the list one item at a time and add them onto your calendar to check during next year's cooling season. If you're worried about some of the things you found while going through the checklist, please contact us. At Stahl, we've been providing quality repairs at affordable prices for over 63 years and are happy to help make your home a comfortable one.