Now is the Perfect Time for This Important Heating Service

Now is the Perfect Time for This Important Heating Service

As we roll into spring, now is the perfect time for well-deserved maintenance on your hardworking home appliances. After the harshness of winter, many essential home systems need a check-up to ensure no damage to pipes or vents. Spring maintenance can also help prepare your home for the rainy season and, of course, the oncoming heat of summer.

Two systems in your home need once-a-year maintenance: your heat pump and the water heater. Though if your home faces extreme weather conditions (or you've got a house full of teenagers who love a long, hot shower), you should consider scheduling maintenance twice a year.

Heat pumps are fairly new appliances in the states, first gaining popularity in colder Northern European countries, such as Sweden. For those wondering how to improve energy efficiency in home, purchasing a heat pump is an excellent option. Despite the name, heat pumps can both heat and cool a house. Heat pumps operate purely from electricity without relying on fossil fuels, making these heat systems an environmentally friendly option.

In the summer, a heat pump pulls hot air from the house, cools it with a refrigerant line, and then sends it back into the house as cold air. During the winter, heat pumps pull hot air in from the outside (usually thermal heat from the ground). Because heat pumps don't generate heat, they only move it from one location to another. These systems use less energy than other heating and cooling systems.

Homeowners need to ensure that the heat pump unit outside is free of ice and snow, and it's a good idea to check your vents for dust every month. Similarly, it's essential to keep an eye on your filters and change them frequently: keeping your filters clean is necessary for a clean home and can reduce allergies. Heat pump maintenance is relatively simple, though it should always be conducted by a professional with the proper tools. During a heating system maintenance session, the professional will complete a thorough cleaning and system check, including:

check filters for dust, dirt, obstructions,

lubricate mechanical components and check for wear and tear,

inspect belts, pulleys, and other hardware for alignment and usage,

check the control system and test for electrical hazards,

measure refrigerant coolant levels and replace them where necessary.

Once your professional has meticulously reviewed every system, your heat pump will be ready for whatever weather mother nature sends your way.

However, remember another essential home system, the water heater. Nothing is worse than heading for a relaxing, hot shower or a soothing bath after a long day at work, only to find the water heater is broken. For all that ice baths after a workout are in fashion, no one wants to wash their hair in cold water, and this is doubly true in winter.

Water heaters are high usage; this appliance works pretty hard, from long showers to laundry cycles and dishwashers. The good news is that preventive maintenance on a hot water heater is simple, especially for a trained Stahl professional. Do not attempt to flush the water heater alone, as this can lead to scalding burns, flooding, or even broken water pipes.

To properly service your water heater, maintenance will usually include:

draining the tank to flush out the system,

removing any sediment build-up,

checking for rust, corrosion, or leaks

testing the temperature relief valve,

insulating the water heater and pipes,

replacing the anode rods or other hardware,

replacing the air intake filter.

Preventive maintenance for water heaters ensures that it doesn't spring an unexpected leak and cause water damage to ceilings or floors. Regular maintenance can also extend the life of your heating unit by replacing used hardware or aging pipes before they become a problem.

A quick and painless service is a small price for reliably hot showers. Don't wait for hotter temperatures; ensure your heat pump and cooling systems are ready for Summer. Contact Stahl today to schedule a service so you can enjoy the Summer worry-free.