Our Pittsburgh, PA Plumbers Save The Day!

Our Pittsburgh, PA Plumbers Save The Day!

Late last year a Pittsburgh homeowner who experienced some minor flooding after a particularly rainy week noticed an increasing moldy smell around the garage-area entry way of his house. Attributing the odor to the excess moisture from the rain, the slower evaporation from the cooler Autumn weather and the age of the home, he didn't suspect any issue that would require the services of a Pittsburgh plumber. When the mold smell not only persisted but increased, he began to suspect something was awry.

"It was like an invisible monster, growing larger every day. I began to get headaches and developed a sinus infection." He mentioned the encroaching problem to a friend, who recommended he contact the Pittsburgh plumbing company he used, Stahl Plumbing, Heating and Air Conditioning. Their first suggestion was to check the basement.

"I went down into the basement and immediately knew they were onto something. Sure enough, there was an audible hiss, and a strong, steamy odor of mold. It was the hot water heater. It had sprung a leak and was literally spraying steam all across the floorboards of my house, creating a fertile environment for mold and mildew."

He had Pittsburgh plumber Stahl Plumbing come and replace the hot water heater immediately. "It was late at night but they came out anyway. I consider mold spreading through the basement somewhat of an emergency, yes!" By the next morning, he says, there was already a noticeable improvement in the air quality.

Stahl Plumbing is Pittsburgh's only 24/7 plumbing company. When you have a plumbing emergency, call us at 412-273-1000 - we guarantee that a live person will answer and assist you, dispatching one of our experienced and professional Pittsburgh plumbers to diagnose and solve the problem.

Many of our Pittsburgh homes are older and the pipes and appliances may leak and require repair or replacement. Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning are your best source for complete plumbing and HVAC services in Pittsburgh. Our team of experts can diagnose and solve any plumbing issue, no matter the scope, with solutions that both work and save you money in the long run. When you need a Pittsburgh plumber, don't stall! Call Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We look forward to serving you!