Plumbing Checklist: Everything a Homebuyer Should Know

Plumbing Checklist: Everything a Homebuyer Should Know

Sold SignThere are several aspects of a home that should be checked before you decide to purchase it. Ensuring that the plumbing of your new home is satisfactory will provide assurance that the building you're buying is in good shape. Here are five plumbing tasks you should complete so you don't require 24 hour emergency plumbing in Pittsburgh, PA.

Flush Every Toilet

A backed up toilet requires emergency service to prevent a dangerous, yucky situation of sewage entering your home. If the toilets of your new home are not performing correctly, you may be responsible for a costly repair. To ensure that all of the toilets are working properly, flush each one individually. Check to see the strength of the flush, how long the toilet runs, and listen for any strange noises. If the flush is weak, the toilet runs too long, or there are strange noises, you should consider calling in a professional.

Inspect Size of Water Pipes

Whether you're washing your hands or taking a shower, the water pressure of your home can be a dream or a nightmare. A good way to ensure that the water pressure remains at the right level is to check the size of the pipes. These pipes should be a minimum of three-quarters of an inch from the water source to the home and at least a half an inch to the faucet.

Turn On Faucets

In addition to inspecting the pipes, you should also gauge the water pressure of the home by turning on all of the faucets. This includes sinks, showers, and bathtubs. Letting the water run from every faucet for a short period of time will allow you to determine if the water pressure is acceptable. If the water pressure is not high enough for you, you must determine if it is a problem with the house or the faucet. This will allow you to decide whether it's a cheap or expensive fix.

Examine the Water Heater

FaucetA lot of people fail to inspect the water heater when they consider purchasing a house, but this is a big mistake. Water heater problems can be an expensive fix, so you should visually inspect it to see if there is any corrosion or buildup that could cause problems in the near future. A water heater should be serviced regularly by a professional, so it's a good idea to ask the realtor when it was last replaced and the last time it was professionally serviced.

Visit the Basement and Crawl Spaces

The most common place that you may find water damage is in the basement or in crawl spaces. There may be hidden water damage that could be dangerous for the structure and requires an expensive cleanup. When visiting the basement or crawl spaces, be alert for any damage, leaking pipes, or repairs to the plumbing that don't appear professionally completed.

A home is a big investment and once you make the purchase, you are responsible for the upkeep. Ensuring that the plumbing is in good shape will provide assurance that you won't need 24 hour emergency plumbing in Pittsburgh, PA, anytime soon. For more tips, call Stahl Plumbing today!