Preparing Your Heater for Winter

Fall is here. Now that autumn has arrived, the trees are showing their true colors, pumpkin spice-flavored products are everywhere and the temperatures are dropping. What this really means is that it is now time for you to get your furnace ready for winter. We've gathered a few helpful tips for you to help prepare this critical piece of equipment for the coming months ahead.

Tips to Prepare Your Heater

  • Change your air filters - Somewhere in your HVAC system, be it behind a vent grill or within the main unit, you have an air filter. They should be changed every month. Cleaning or replacing your filters regularly will keep dust, pet hair, and other particles out of your HVAC system and can even prolong its life.Man installing radiator valve close up
  • Turn on the heat - Today, before you need it, turn on your heater. Listen to see if you hear the heat click on within a minute or two. If it does, listen for the blower or heat pump to begin functioning. There may be a slight smell, but this is nothing to worry about in most cases. If things do not go as planned you have time to call in a professional and get things fixed before you need the heat.
  • Have your heat exchanger cleaned - once a year, or so you should have a trained professional come out and brush or vacuum the heat exchanger. He or she will clean it while the unit is disabled. The qualified technician can also look for cracks within the unit that could lead to dangerous carbon monoxide leaks within your home.
  • Inspect the system - Check the blower motor to see if it needs to be cleaned or lubricated, test the igniter switch if your system has one, and inspect your chimney and carbon monoxide detectors. Even better, have a professional do a full house HVAC inspection to make sure everything is ready to go.

As you can see, there is a lot to do to prepare your heater for winter. If you have any questions or you would assistance from the heating services Pittsburgh residents trust, reach out to us at Stahl plumbing and HVAC today. We look forward to keeping you warm all winter long.