Repairing Frozen Pipes

Repairing Frozen Pipes

Pittsburgh winters can be harsh at times. Our Pittsburgh plumbers understand the difficulties of winter in the city and know how to deal with frozen pipes. Frozen pipes are a common occurrence in the winter time and must be dealt with carefully so as not to damage the pipes. This is because the metals of the pipes become more fragile when they are frozen, making breakage a greater factor in their repair.
Here are some facts about the wintertime in Pittsburgh to remember:

  • Snowfall in the city can be as great as 23.6 inches in one day
  • The annual snowfall in the city is approximately 40 inches
  • Temperature during the winter in Pittsburgh commonly reach lows in the 20s, which is beneath freezing

There is no easy solution to repairing frozen pipes, and there are significant risks in any attempt to repair a frozen pipe yourself. Stahl Plumbing is well trained in the repair and thawing of frozen pipes. Our Pittsburgh plumbers address the issue of frozen pipes by heating the walls around the pipes from both sides.

What our Pittsburgh plumbers actually do

In order to thaw and repair frozen pipes, our Pittsburgh plumbers must open the wall from one side in order to thaw the frozen pipes. Our Pittsburgh plumbers open the walls leading to your pipes with great care and are extremely methodical in putting your wall back together to restore it to the condition it was found in.
Once the wall is opened, our Pittsburgh plumbers will repair any cracks in frozen pipes after they have been thawed. This is almost always necessary, because freezing the metal of the pipes in your plumbing system usually results in cracks. The temperature change in the metal forces it to contract and also weakens its structural integrity, resulting in substantial weakness. If these cracks are not dealt with immediately, then the thawed pipe will become a flooding pipe once water begins to run through it. Our Pittsburgh plumbers know this and are always thorough in testing the pipes after their repair to ensure their future function and success. Our Pittsburgh plumbers also insulate these pipes to prevent the future freezing of pipes.

It’s tough work, but we’re here to do it

Stahl Plumbing’s team of Pittsburgh plumbers are here for you when you need us, and that includes the repair and insulation of frozen pipes in the wintertime. Call us at 412-273-1000412-273-1000 at the first sign of frozen pipes. We’ll get your water running smoothly as quickly as possible.