Take Care of Minor Leaks in Your Home

Take Care of Minor Leaks in Your Home

It’s all too easy to ignore minor leaks in plumbing because they don’t strike us emergencies. We don’t see a reason to have a Pittsburgh plumbing service for leaks that are barely noticeable, but these minor leaks can turn into large problems for your home.

Without having a Pittsburgh plumbing service address your minor leaks in their early stages, the moisture from these leaks can do permanent damage to any part of your home, including the walls, floors, cabinets, and anything else that is exposed to the stray water and moisture from these leaks. This moisture creates a breeding ground for bacteria and mold that threaten your health and that of anybody else staying in your home.

It’s important to have Stahl Plumbing’s Pittsburgh plumbing service address minor leaks so that they don’t become health hazards or destroy parts of your home with moisture damage.

Without Stahl’s expert Pittsburgh plumbing service, the moisture damage that comes from leaks could severely damage the surrounding area of the leak. This moisture weakens the structure around the leak over time. A small leak in a kitchen can do significant damage to any surrounding appliances in your kitchen, which is an expense that extends beyond Pittsburgh plumbing services. This is an example of how a small leak can lead to extensive costs that go beyond plumbing expenses.

Leaky pipes can also damage drywall in your home and weaken it over time, requiring its replacement. This can be avoided by hiring our Pittsburgh plumbing service as soon as you notice a leak instead of waiting for the issue to become worse.

Depending on the location of a leak, it is also possible for the soil underneath the foundation of a home to wash away. This erosion of the soil underneath your home will cause your home to lean to one side, because the foundation underneath it becomes compromised and weakens under the weight of your home. This slippage of your home’s foundation is known as heaving, which can cause cracks in your walls and can potentially damage the entire structure of your home. Such significant damage and all of the expenses to repair it can be avoided by having Stahl Plumbing’s expert Pittsburgh plumbing services in your home as soon as possible.

Don’t hesitate to protect your home

Stahl Plumbing’s professional Pittsburgh plumbing services are here to repair your leaks before they turn into bigger problems for you. Don’t hesitate to call a professional plumber for even the smallest leaks, because that call might save you money, time, energy, and protect your health.