Signs It’s Time for Your Home AC Tune-Up

Signs It’s Time for Your Home AC Tune-Up

Energy BillYou've shoveled the last snow, stored the winter gear, and can't wait to switch your HVAC system from HEAT to COOL. Not so fast! Before turning on the AC for the first day of the cooling season, read about the signs your system needs a tune-up. All HVAC systems let homeowners know it's time routine AC service in Pittsburgh, PA, so don't ignore your cues.

You Can't Get Cool

When your air conditioner blows nothing more than warm air, it's time to a tune-up. You may have a dirty condenser unit. The condenser unit sits outside your home, where dirt can build up on the condenser coils. Dirt buildup and debris inside the unit can prevent your AC from working correctly. Condenser coils need annual cleaning if you expect them to work efficiently. It's part of your annual HVAC inspection and tune-up.

Your System Never Stops Running

Once you're in the swing of summer and enjoying your cool home, you may notice your system starts up more often and then doesn't want to stop running. You might also notice it takes longer than it should to cool off your home. Sometimes a faulty blower motor or bad coils make an AC unit misbehave. Your HVAC tech will check these parts when they take care of your annual tune-up.

Something Feels Off with Your Thermostat

If your home feels too warm or too cold even though you've set your thermostat to the temperature you want, you should get a whole AC system tune-up. The thermostat might seem like a small thing, but it plays a significant role in heating and cooling performance. It's the command center for your HVAC system, and if it's not calibrated correctly, it sends confusing messages to your AC, making it turn on and off at the wrong time. One of the items on most HVAC tune-up checklists is thermostat calibration.

Higher than Expected Energy Bills

Thermostat SettingsLast summer, were your cooling bills higher than usual? If you can't explain the increase with more hot days or prolonged use of the AC, it's a sign. If you're like a lot of homeowners, winter crept up, and you go busy. Instead of wondering if you'll need to budget even more money for cooling this summer, why not schedule your tune-up before the heat hits? If it's nothing more than a dirty air filter, or some other minor repair, you've saved yourself some money and can go on a longer vacation.

You Missed Your Tune-Up Last Year

Missing routine maintenance last year is one of the most critical signs that you need a tune-up now. Annual inspections, filter changes, and cleanings all keep your AC running efficiently and can even extend the life of your system. If you're ready for a tune-up or need to schedule AC repair in Pittsburgh, PA, contact the team at Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning. We're always happy to help customers prepare early for the summer season.