WPXI-TV:  Take 5

WPXI-TV: Take 5

WPXI-TV highlights Stahl Plumbing, Heating & Air Conditioning as one of Western Pennsylvania's most innovative and successful businesses. Joe Klimchak, the host of WPXI-TV's Take-5 show, boasts Stahl as one of the most trusted companies in our region for plumbing, heating, and cooling for decades.

Joining Joe on the show are the president, Susan Taylor, and HVAC Technician, Tyree Turner.

"The former owners made the incredible decision to transfer the business to its most valuable asset - its employees"

At this point, 10% of the company is employee-owned, but Susan is eager to reach 80%. This new era for Stahl brings about the importance to its employees. "Our employees are what makes us stand out," says Tyree.

"We are friendly, we come in with respect, we treat you with kindness, we are not here to do work fast and get it over with. We take our time and do very good work."

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