Things To Consider Before Purchasing or Installing Outdoor Showers

Things To Consider Before Purchasing or Installing Outdoor Showers

An outside shower is not just something you see on TV or in Hollywood. An increasing number of homeowners have made the move to set up an outdoor wash space, and for good reason too! The benefits of bathing outdoors (albeit in a private setting) are numerous, and that includes embracing the beauty of nature while you relax away the stresses of the day. But before your daydream can become a reality, there is a lot of work to do.

Preparing for Your Outdoor Shower

Installing an exterior shower is an excellent investment and can definitely increase your home’s value. Think of it as a luxurious mudroom, but without the mud. If you have kids and pets, you can probably already imagine how nice it will be to not fuss with dirty footprints and all the muck and grime that comes with playing outdoors. The shower also doubles as a wash space for lawn and garden equipment or basically anything else that needs to be cleaned that you do not want entering your house.

Since this is not a minor home remodeling project — it will require the addition of new water lines — you need to decide where to put the outdoor shower. Location is very important and cannot be easily changed, so make sure you know exactly where to put it. To make the process simple, consider the functional aspects of the shower space, and that means assessing the water supply. Plumbing problems are not something you want to run into when installing an outdoor shower, but they can arise if you are not careful.

A quick and easy connection to your home’s main line will be less expensive and time-consuming, but the decision is ultimately up to you as far as your budget goes. The least intensive outdoor shower installs are those situated on the opposing walls of bathrooms, kitchens and other rooms where existing water lines are available.

An adequate drainage system is the next item on the list. Unless you want a hefty fine from your local municipality, take the time to contact a Pittsburgh plumber first. Ground water contamination is a big problem, and appropriate efforts should be taken to keep it from happening.

Finally, you must consider the degree of privacy you desire to have. Are you interested in a semi or full enclosure? If you’d like the former, the opening should obviously face a direction where unexpected encounters cannot happen, whether from family members or neighbors. Our plumbing specialists can help you set up the perfect outdoor shower, so feel free to give us a call.