Tips for Troubleshooting Your Hot Water Heater

Tips for Troubleshooting Your Hot Water Heater

Hot water is a modern luxury that's all too easy to take for granted. You enjoy relaxing showers, clean your dishes, and wash your clothes with hot water, but when the water runs cold unexpectedly, what should you do? Chances are something has gone wrong with your hot water heater, and knowing the telltale signs will help your 24/7 emergency Pittsburgh plumber from Stahl get you the help you need, fast.

Know Your Hot Water Heater

Your unit will use either electricity or gas to operate; knowing which one is crucial to describing the issue during your initial phone call. If you have a gas-powered hot water heater, are other gas-powered elements of your home - your stove or home heating, for example - operating as well? If not, the issue may not be your actual hot water heater at all, but rather your gas service. Another fast fix for gas water heater owners is checking your pilot light; this vital little flame can sometimes accidentally blow out, but make sure your basement or utility closet doesn't smell of gas before attempting to relight it. (If it does, shut off the gas immediately, call your gas provider, and leave the premises.)plumber at work on hot water heater

Leave Repairs to Our Team

While you might be tempted to try out DIY solutions for hot water heater problems, the best course of action is to call an emergency Pittsburgh plumber from Stahl instead. Adjusting or tightening the wrong element can make a bad situation even worse, leading to a dangerous water pressure buildup in your tank. Rest assured that we will do everything we can to get your current water heater back to its old self, as quickly as possible. We can also make affordable recommendations for a installation of a new water heater unit if it's outdated or beyond repair.

Use Maintenance for Peace of Mind

Regular maintenance from Stahl plumbing will help keep potential plumbing issues like a broken hot water heater off of your to-do list. Before the weather gets cold for the year, why not schedule a "plumbing checkup" and make sure your hot water heater and pipes are properly insulated? That relaxing shower will feel that much better when you know the hot water won't suddenly give out on you. Stay warm - call Stahl today for a maintenance or 24-7 emergency plumbing appointment for your Pittsburgh home.