Why Is My Air Conditioning Freezing Up?

Why Is My Air Conditioning Freezing Up?

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If you want to find out why air conditioners freeze up, keep on reading, Below are some of the causes of this common problem and what you can do to address it properly.

Improper Air Flow

This is a very common reason behind air conditioners that freeze up. The AC coils need to stay cold to keep the temperature above freezing. Without proper air flow, the coils freeze before the condensed water drains away from the unit.

A dirty filter can impede air flow. Make sure that you follow the manufacturer's instructions as to how often the filters need to be replaced or cleaned. Keep in mind that you may need to change or clean the filters more often during high pollen season or if you live with pets in order for it to be as efficient as possible.

Closed air registers can also impede air flow. Check to see that the registers are open and clear of obstructions.

Drainage Problems

To keep your house cool, your air conditioner condenses water vapor into liquid and drains it outdoors. If your coils are frozen, the drain hole will be blocked by ice and the water cannot drain properly. When this happens, the cooling capacity of your AC unit is diminished. It will also use up more energy to keep your house at your desired temperature. As a result, you end up paying a higher utility bill each month.

For a window unit air conditioner, you can unfreeze the coil with a hair dryer to restore your unit's efficiency. Check the drain pipe and make sure it's clear of debris and other obstructions as well.

Do not run an AC with frozen coils as this can lead to extensive compressor damage. Replacing or repairing the compressor of an air conditioner is an expensive endeavor and one that you definitely want to avoid.

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