Why Maintaining Your HVAC System Pays Off

Why Maintaining Your HVAC System Pays Off

When you buy a car, you get the oil changed and the tires rotated on a regular basis as well as other maintenance to keep it running properly, right? Your home's HVAC system should receive just as regular attention as the vehicle you drive and should serve you well for just as long. Why? Here are some reasons for keeping your HVAC system well maintained.Home HVAC Units - Pittsburgh, PA

1. It Makes Your Home More Comfortable

When a filter isn't changed regularly, it can clog up, allowing pet dander, mold, pollen and other allergens to remain in your home's air. If your duct work has a problem, part of your home may not be cooled or heated like the rest of the home, creating cold and hot spots throughout your home as the system tries to compensate.

2. Regular Maintenance Helps Protect Your Investment

Much like most warranties, if you don't follow the manufacturer's recommended maintenance schedule, your warranty may not be honored if you have a breakdown or need repairs that would otherwise be covered. Following the recommendations help you avoid this problem.

3. You Can Catch Small Problems Before They Become Expensive Repairs

Because an HVAC technician works with HVAC systems all day, every day, they often see problems that you don't yet recognize as a problem. They can change out a filter that restricts air flow before your blower goes out from the extra strain or can clean off the debris by your condenser coils to prevent the wear and tear caused by a less-than-efficient system.

4. Your HVAC System Will Last Longer

Manufacturers make a particular maintenance schedule because they know what is needed to keep your system running at peak efficiency and for the longest duration. By following this schedule you're ensuring years of reliable service.

5. It's Cheaper

A properly maintained HVAC system costs less to run than one that is dirty and in poor repair because it is able to operate at its best. This is reflected in your electric bill every month.

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